What is your expected LIFE EXPECTANCY with Excel

Life flies like an arrow say some. Life is beautiful river of which we follow the flow.

Statistics are here to bring us back to reality. One of this statistics is quite interesting and it is the life expectancy curve over the last century.

If you look at this plot of life expectancy then you will be amazed how much we are living than at the beginning of the 20th century. The life expectancy was less than 50 years and now it is more than 81 (average women-men). So we can live 30 more years than our grand parents were. Isn't this amazing.

 I am taking here an example for the UK  but you will find similar curves in all countries. We can see the life expectancy is growing by about 3 months every passing year.

In other words, every year that goes by, your life expectancy has grown by 3 months or a quarter of a year.

life expectancy uk 1700 2000

Now we are providing you a useful template giving you the life expectancy related to your age.

The green bar will show your age and the year we are in.

The orange bar will show you your life expectancy and the year you will reach this life expectancy.

life expectancy template


This life expectancy template is of course only for information and not to be taken too seriously. 

Life expectancy depends on many factors like genetics, diseases, accidents, nutrition, health care in the country, etc... So, if you are in the red zone already on this table, just be happy to be over the life expectancy and enjoy every moment, be kind and generous with others.

If you are young, let's say you are a female born in 1995, then you have plenty of time in front of you. See the graph here.

So in that case too, be kind and generous as you are so lucky to be able to live so long.

1995 born life expectancy


You can download the Life Expectancy Calculator form here.

For older Excel Versions take this Life Expectancy Calculator template.

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