A Classic looking Purchase Order Template for Excel

All purchase order include pretty much the same features, you company name, the company you are buying from, the ship to description and the list of items you want to buy.

So here we give you a more classic looking purchase order for a more classic company. Please modify at will.

You can of course use our other purchase order template that is more square but includes the same features.

Again what is a purchase order? Purchase order is a piece of paper that lets you list all items that you want to buy and that you want to get from a certain seller. The purchase order include description of the items, the part number or product ID, the price and eventually some special description.  It include the incoterms that describe the conditions of the shipping. It also include information about the address of the seller or vendor, the address of the buyer or purchaser, the shipping address might be different from the invoicing adress. It includes the customer ID, the date and some special terms and conditions.

If you need a professionally designed free purchase order template you can use this one. It is at the same time simple and very useful. If you are a consultant, student, freelancer or a small company, this is the perfect purchase order form for you. 

You can find under these links a simple tax invoice template too and a professional invoice template version that you can customize.

Also a receipt template is available from this link.

Look at the screenshot:

purchase order template classic


Using this purchase order free template, you can then modify it at will. It is totally free to use.

You can download the purchase order form here.

For older Excel Versions take this template for this purchase order sample template.

We hope that this template will help you.

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