Add prefix to numbers in range in Excel

For example, as seen in attached screenshot, a given worksheet has a set of Serial Nos corresponding to non conformances observed in a Quality audit. At a later time, you decide to add a prefix "NC-" (denoting Non Conformance)

to all the S.Nos. Manually adding the Prefix is a tedious process especially when there are large number of records.

excel add prefix to numbers in range

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

To add a prefix to a range of numbers,

a) Select the range of cells, right click and then select "Format Cells".

excel add prefix to numbers in range

b) Select "Custom" under "Number" tab. In the "Type" field, enter the prefix in quotes (in this case "NC-") followed by # symbol. Click OK.

excel add prefix to numbers in range

c) All the numbers in the range selected would be prefixed appropriately (in this case the numbers would be prefixed with "NC-").

excel add prefix to numbers in range


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