Calling a macro from another workbook in Excel

I have tried this over and over again and everytime it tells me 

"Can not run the macro 'Weekly Shrinkage Tool.xlsm!NewWeek'. The macro may not be available is this workbook or all macros may be disabled."

I have tried all sorts of versions of the line 

Application.Run "MacroBook!MacroName"

including using a variable for the file name which I can't get to work at all

but here are some ways I have typed it

Application.Run "Weekly Shrinkage Tool.xlsm!NewWeek"
Application.Run "Weekly Shrinkage Tool.xlsm!NewWeek()"
Application.Run "Weekly Shrinkage Tool.xlsm!Public Sub NewWeek()"
Application.Run "Weekly Shrinkage Tool!NewWeek"

Am I missing something like a simple syntax error?


The short answer is Application.Run "MacroBook!MacroName"

Nevertheless, the called macro must be in a module not a sheet.

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