Split one long column into multiple smaller columns in Excel

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What is the best way to copy paste in groups of 15 items if you have a list of over 7000 items? If anyone has a better method than the following, please let me know 

I have a long list of 7000 items from column A1 to A7000. I would like to split this up into different columns (B,C,D...etc) in groups of 15. In other words, how do I make column:

B1:B15 include items A1:A15. 

C1:C15 include items A16:A30. 

D1:D15 include items A31:A45 etc... 

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


try the file in this example. The raw data is in a sheet you would have renamed "rawdata"

Split one long column into multiple rows

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