Statistical functions normsdist, normsinv, percentile, percentrank, permut

Excel Function NORMSDIST

The NORMSDIST() function is used to calculate the standard normal cumulative distribution function.

By Normal, it means, the mean is 0 and standard deviation is 1.

Value NORMSDIST() Formula
2 0.977249868051821 =NORMSDIST(L5)
3 0.99865010196837 =NORMSDIST(L7)
1 0.841344746068543 =NORMSDIST(L8)



Excel Function NORMSINV

The NORMSINV() function is used to calculate the inverse of the standard normal cumulative distribution.

This function takes single argument which is the probability.

The syntax is as follows:


Probability NORMSINV() Formula
0.2 -0.841621233572915 =NORMSINV(L14)
0.4 -0.2533471031358 =NORMSINV(L15)
0.5 0 =NORMSINV(L16)
0.9 1.2815515655446 =NORMSINV(L17)



Excel Function PERCENTILE

The PERCENTILE() function returns the kthpercentile for a given set of values at a specified k.

The kth percentile is nothing but the value below which the k% of the data values fall.

The syntax is as follows:


numbers k Formula Formula
2 1 7 =PERCENTILE(L$26:L$29,M26)
3 0.9 6.7 =PERCENTILE(L$26:L$29,M27)
6 0.2 2.6 =PERCENTILE(L$26:L$29,M28)
7 0.5 4.5 =PERCENTILE(L$26:L$29,M29)



Excel Function PERCENTRANK

The PERCENTRANK() function is used to calculate the rank of a value in a set of values as a percentage.

The syntax of the function is as follows:

PERCENTRANK(value_array,x,[no. of digits])

numbers x PERCENTRANK()
1 1 0
5 8 Error 2042
8 9 Error 2042
11 11 Error 2042




Excel Function PERMUT

The PERMUT() function is used to calculate the number of permutations of a given number of entities.

The syntax is as follows:


PERMUT() Formula
6 =PERMUT(3,2)
2 =PERMUT(2,1)
3628800 =PERMUT(10,9)
1 =PERMUT(0.4,0.1)


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