Title appear in center without merging cells in Excel

For example, in the Table below, I have a header "Employee List". I would like to center it across the Table. Can I do that without merging cells D1-G1?

This solution is much better than useing Merging cell which has its own limitations like making copy pasting or inserting rows or columns much more difficult.

excel title appear in center without merging cells

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Select the cells "D1-G1" and right click. Click on "Format Cells" option.

excel title appear in center without merging cells

b) In the "Alignment" tab, for the "Horizontal" field, select "Center Across Selection". Click OK.

excel title appear in center without merging cells

c) The Title is now centered across the Table as shown below without actual merging of cells.

excel title appear in center without merging cells


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