Vba error handling in vba in Excel

"On Error" Statement is used to handle errors in Excel VBA.

There are two versions of "On Error"; One, just ignore the error and continue and Two, Do something when an error is encountered

The first case uses "On Error Resume Next" and the second one use "On Error Goto "

Syntax 1

  1. For Each In
  2. On Error Resume Next
  3. Next
  4. Syntax 2

  1. For Each In
  2. On Error Goto
  3. Next
  4. Exit Sub
  5. : Code
  6. Resume Next

The following example iterates through an array of numbers and calculates the square root of each number

  1. Sub onerrorresume()
  2. Dim i(3) As Integer
  3. i(0) = 4
  4. i(1) = -8
  5. i(2) = 225
  6. For Each j In i
  7. On Error Resume Next
  8. MsgBox Sqr(j)
  9. Next j
  10. End Sub
  11. Sub onerrorgoto()
  12. Dim i(3) As Integer
  13. i(0) = 4
  14. i(1) = -8
  15. i(2) = 225
  16. For Each j In i
  17. On Error GoTo l1
  18. MsgBox Sqr(j)
  19. Next j
  20. Exit Sub
  21. l1: MsgBox "Cannot calculate squareroot of negative numbers"
  22. Resume Next
  23. End Sub

The array contains a negative number (-8) which will result in error

The first Sub ignores this error and continues with the next number(225)

Whereas the second example, the execution is shifted to the line labled as "l1" when an error occurs.

Note that the statements "Resume Next" and "Exit Sub" are must in this syntax.

excel vba error handling in vba

excel vba error handling in vba

excel vba error handling in vba


Note that, the code jumps to "l1" when the error occurs and then executes the next iteration


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