Vba macro security developer tab in Excel

To run a macro in Excel, it has to be saved as "Macro enabled workbook"; that is, ".xlsm" format.

The Excel recognizes whether macro is present or not with the help of .xlsm extension.

So macro is basically a program that will execute in the excel, when opened.

But, what if the excel workbook is downloaded from the web or got from other sources, which, one is not sure that the excel macro is not harmful, like virus program?

Most of the macro enabled workbook from web are malicious and cannot be run without checking its authenticity.

Here is where the "Macro Security" feature is used in Excel.

Macro Security protects the computer against malicious programs passed to the computer through excel macro workbooks.

The Macro Security is available in the Developer tab as shown below:

excel vba macro security developer tab

By clicking the "Macro Security" displays a new dialog box, "Trust Center" as shown below:

excel vba macro security developer tab

Here, Under the "Macro Settings", there are four types of Security Options, which are as discussed below:

1.Disable all macros without notification

Choosing this setting will not allow any macro to run even if the excel contains a macro.

Also, the user will not be alerted that the workbook contains a macro.

2.Disable all macros with notification

Choosing this setting prevents the macro from running.

However, it alerts the user with a popup box that the excel contains macro and the user can enable it, if need arises.

3.Disable all macros except digitally signed macros

Choosing this setting allows, only the macros from trusted sources to run. All other macros do not run.

Also, the user is not alerted to the fact that it contains macros, if the macro is not from trusted source.

4.Enable all macros

Choosing this setting enables all the macros.

The user will neither be alerted nor be opted to enable a macro.

This will simply allow all the macro to be run.


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