Vba design mode developer tab in Excel

The 'Design Mode' is a tool available in Developer tab that helps to toggle to design mode.

The design mode tab is useful only with excel containing macros or Visual basic controls.

The Design mode specifies that, the code does not run anymore until the Design mode is turned off.

Design mode is the time during which no code from the project is running.

Also, The events from the host or project will not execute.

This mode is most often used when a sheet has a ActiveX control in it.

To set properties and associate a code or macro with that control, the 'Design Mode' must be turned on.

The following demonstration explains the tool.

To goto 'Design Mode' goto, Developer---> Design Mode

excel vba design mode developer tab

For illustration purpose, let us put a button control as shown below.

Now, with the 'Design Mode' ON, notice how the button control is accessed.

The button cannot be clicked in Design mode.

But Right clicking it will show a menu from which the properties of the control can be set.

Also, double clicking the control will take to VB editor, where the event program can be written.

All these will be possible only in design mode.

excel vba design mode developer tab

Notice the cursor and Square around the control. This indicates the Design mode in ON.

excel vba design mode developer tab

Right click will display the menu as show below.

Now notice the button with Design Mode OFF.

excel vba design mode developer tab

As shown above, the button is clickable now with the design mode off.

So, for code to execute, the 'Design Mode' should be turned OFF.


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