A Love Phrase Generator in Excel

You are short of phrases to declare your flame. Here some example in Excel of what this love generator will do for you. You can also create quotes or just simple phrases in a random way. It is quite fun and sometimes surprising. Generating sentence with excel is using the excel random (rnd) function.

  • I love you my bright Pineapple
  • My ambitious Mangosteen
  • My dear neat Mulberry
  • My powerful Rose Apple
  • My dear understanding Pineapple
  • I love you my agreeable Sansapote
  • You are such cute tough Orange
  • You are my fair-minded Gandaria
  • You are my intelligent Minneola
  •  I love you my patient Olive
  • You are such cute energetic Sea Grape

How did we do this:

We need to understand how such a great phrase is created. Of course you are going to say, love creates it and nothing beats love. And I would agree. But in our case we are proxing this task to Excel so lets make a simple phrase for the beginning.

In a first stage,

A subject + an adjective  + a cute name (I chose some fruit name....better than vegetable !!) Then you would need a list of each of them

An finally we need to select on of each and combine them (concatenate them) to make a beautiful sentence.

So my lists are the following (this is only the first part, it goes further down)

list of love

Lets' select randomly one item of each list. To do this we first generate a random number with excel RAND function.

The RAND() function in Excel is used here. It provides with a number between 0 and 1.

Now we need to get a number between 1 and the number of item of the list.


this will give you a number between 1 and 99. If you don't put the +1 then you would get a number between 0 and 98.

The INT transform the number into a INTEGER meaning it is a full number with nothing behind the comma.

We could have used the function =RANDBETWEEN(min, top) function too but this is a specific function to Excel where RAND and INT are used almost in ever other program.


The second part is to get the word out of the list that correspond to this number.

This is done with the INDEX function of excel. INDEX(array, row, column).

The array is defined by first and last item of each word

the row is chosen RANDomly and the column is 1.


Finally we have to create the phrase out of the 3 set of words by using the function CONCATENATE(cell1, cell2,cell3, "anything you want to type", cell4, ...) of Excel.


And here we have our LOVE PHRASE GENERATOR in Excel


You can download it from here.

Do not hesitate to modify or improve it and share it by sending it to me so that I can publish it here. Send it to admin (at) excelmadeeasy.com.

Soon you can send your computer to your date....