An Expense/Income tracking sheet: where you can enter your expenses and incomes

We will be using the same sheet as the first example done ealier in this site (here) but we will add an income column. This expense tracking form template is perfect for students, small business, consultants, etc...

If you want to see all the process of creation, go to the first example now and come back here.

Download the expense tracking template at the bottom of this page. It can be used in Excel and in Google Sheets as well as other compatible programs.

budget excel

You can see in line 31, it asks you to enter a new line and every time you enter it will increment automatically.

=IF($C30>=0.1,"Enter new date","")

This line has to be copied in all the cells of the column E

This formula is checking if the calculated date in HIDDEN column is empty or not. In that case we display the comment to "enter new data"


Here the graphic.

chart expense tracking


Some more theory (only if you are interested (:-))

Interesting here is the use of the Excel CONDITIONAL FORMATING in order to see only the used cells. In reality the underlying sheet is filled up to line 3000. But with Conditional formating, we made it invisible.

conditional formating

The rule is checking as follow. Look at how it applies. It applies to all cell B4 to E3000. This in order to have plenty of space to enter expenses and incomes.

conditional formating

If the cell is non empty then the result of the IF Condition is TRUE (has the value 1), otherwise it is 0.

In the case we create a cell with border for the excel expense tracking template sheet.

border in cell

Then we make the same test but if the cell is full the result will be FALSE (value 0) and we format the cells with white fonts and no grid.

check conditional formating

no grid white fonts


You can download the expense tracking template here. It will work in Excel and in Google Sheets as well as other compatible programs.