Project CHARTER for Project Management

A project charter is the document that makes you the Official Project Manager. It is a contract that gives you the authority to manage the project, to use the allocated budget, the ask for resources, to purchase material and equipment for the project to be a success.

A project Charter for Big projects can be pages long and go into very minute details. This especially when the project involves many companies working together and trying to achieve a common goal by sharing their resources (people, money, equipment, ...)

For 80% of the projects, a much more compact version can be used.

It comprises mainly the Authorisation to act, the scope of the project, the budget and resource.

project charter


Here the other main tools:

  1. The project Charter

  2. RASIC, RACI or RASCI Chart

  3. Task List or Open Topic List

  4. Project timing or Excel Gantt chart template

 As we are analyzing your feedbacks, other project tools will be added here

You can download the project charter here.


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