RASIC or RACI Chart in Project Management

A RASIC chart is a tool that will help you assign correct responsibilities to your different project tasks. It is also called RACI or RASI or RASCI depending on the projects and needs of the moment.

It uses the principle of having mostly always only one person responsible for a task, this person is the R=Responsible. This is the person that has to do the task. That has to do the work to achieve the task.

Other persons can be assigned to task of A=Approval or sometimes Accountable, which are your bosses or any other person that has authority to decide or will be held accountable if the project or the task fails.

Then you are not working alone and so you need S=Support people that will help the Responsible to complete the task. These can be a secretary that will type something for you or a laboratory person that will make an analysis.

The I=Information member is the person who you need to inform about the task. Some say it is also a person that can provide you information but in that cas e this person should more be an Support person.

The final letter is the C and this stands for C=Consulting



Here the main tools:

  1. The project Charter

  2. RASIC, RACI or RASCI Chart

  3. Task List or Open Topic List

  4. Project timing or Gantt chart


As we are analysing your feedbacks, other project tools will be added here

You can download the template from here.

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