Loan Amortization Schedule Template for Excel

To dream of many is to buy a house or a new car or to pay for studies. But this can be expensive and you might not have the complete amount. Therefore you often need to take a loan with a bank.

 Before taking a loan you would need to look at the repayments you will have to do on this loan and if you can afford it. A loan amortization schedule template sheet will describe how many repayments and how much you have to repay until a loan is fully repaid.

Excel Made Easy provides you with a professional loan amortization template and especially simple template that will show you visually and graphically the repayments of your loan. It can be used with Excel as well as with Google Sheets.

This loan amortization template is based on our FAQ questions loan repayment for a period or for a year.

Look at the screenshots of the loan repayment schedule template:

loan amortization schedule template in excel

The graphical part of the loan repayment schedule template

amortization_schedule_template in excel

the yearly repayments of the template amortization loan repayment schedule

loan amortization schedule template in excel


This loan repayment template is completely free to use. You can download this loan amortization schedule template for Excel under the link here. It is for all version of Excel as well as Google Sheets.

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Also a receipt template is available from this link.

We hope that this loan amortization template will help you.

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