Business related Excel templates

In order to create a business you will need a certain structure. Structure is defined by the way you are working and how you are presenting to your customers. Excel Templates that have an homogeneous and structured design will help you to achieve this professional look.

At Excel Made Easy we are trying to help you here to create a certain structure by providing you templates that look similar and professional. You can adopt and adapt these templates to your needs by changing the color, by changing the format, by adding or removing some elements like taxation or shipping

You can also create a new template from scratch based on our templates. So don't hesitate to download our templates and look at them, get inspired by them, you will find on this page templates related to purchase order template, invoicing template, shipping template, management template, business creation template, HR or human resource template, project management.

Purchase Order Excel templates

Classical style

purchase order template classic

Link here to the classical purchase order template


Normal Professional Purchase Order Template

purchase order template

To the Standard Purchase order template find the link here


Purchase Order Template Excel Made Easy

Purchase Oder Template in a different colour or style

Excel Purchase Order Template

Another Professional Looking Purchase order template. Find the link here


Invoices Excel templates


simple invoice template

To the Excel Invoice template order find the link here


Receipt Excel Template

sales receipt template

To the Excel Commercial Receipt Template find the link here


HR or Human resources Excel templates

Excel Employee Evaluation Template

employee evaluation system

Link to the employee evaluation template is here


Time Tracking sheet

intro sheet


tracking sheet

  Link to the employee time tracking template is here

Project management

Gantt Chart

Gantt chart are used in project management in order to track projects and deadlines in a project. Gantt Charts serves to allocate resources being people or equipment or tools. They give you an full overview on your projects.

family house gantt chart

Link to project management and templates in Excel


Bank Loan Amortization Schedule

As a company you will need funds. Funds don't come for free and you will probably take a loan. This template is a nice graphical loan amortization schedule template.

loan amortization schedule template in excel

The graphical part of the loan repayment schedule template

amortization_schedule_template in excel


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