Interval between 2 times in Excel

For example, I want to find the number of hours that employees have logged in office based on "In Time" and "Out Time".

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Enter the formula subtracting In Time from Out Time (in the example below, AC3-AB3 since AC3 has Out time and AB3 has In Time).

The value returned is a serial number equivalent of time difference between Out Time and In Time.

excel interval between 2 times

b) To get the result in hours and minutes format, right click on the cell with results, click on Format Cells.

excel interval between 2 times

c) Select "Custom" under "Number" tab and then in "type" field, enter "h:mm" to display results in hours and minutes.

excel interval between 2 times

d) Copy the formula for the rest of the rows.

excel interval between 2 times


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