Filter with condition in Excel

For example, in the table below, I want to see only those records where Q4-2016 Sales figures are less than the $3'900 target that I set.

excel filter with condition

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

a) Click on any cell within the data Table. Under "Data" click on "Filter" to turn ON filter.

excel filter with condition

b) A "Down Arrow" button appears in all column headers. Click on the Q4-2016 Column down arrow. Click on Number Filters -> Less Than.

excel filter with condition

c) In the "Custom AutoFilter" dialog box that appears, set the rule as required - in this case, it is less than $3'900. Click OK.

excel filter with condition

d) Table is filtered to show only those records where Q4-2016 Sales figures are less than the $3'900 target.

excel filter with condition

e) To clear the filter, under "Data" click on "Clear" in "Sort & Filter" section as shown below..

excel filter with condition

f) The entire Table is shown as below.

excel filter with condition


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