Index page in Excel

Consider this workbook which contains 100 worksheets.

To go to a desired worksheet, one has to scroll the sheets tab at the bottom, which is time consuming.

One method for making this task easier is to build an index sheet that contains hyperlinks to every worksheet.

Index sheet is generally present as the first sheet of the workbook.

This sheet contains hyperlinks that when clicked will take the user to the corresponding sheet.

This chapter demonstrates how to create a hyperlink to worksheets in the index page.

1.Select a cell which has to be made a hyperlink to some other sheet.

Goto Index

2.Right click and Select Hyperlink as shown below.

excel index page

3."Insert Hyperlink" window appears as shown below:

excel index page "Place in This Document" from the left pane.

It shows a list of sheets in the workbook.

excel index page

From here, Select the Sheet to be linked.In our case, we have linked "Index" sheet.

The reference cell specifies the cell at the destination sheet, that is to be made active.


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