Remove duplicate record in Excel

For example, Table below lists the Quarter wise Sales data in the Year 2016 for all Salespersons in a Company collated from multiple worksheets. There is a duplicate record for "Linda Johnson". In Excel, how can it be removed?

Note: This is a small Table for illustration purposes - hence duplicate(s) can easily be identified manually. However when there are large number of records, manual process is very tedious and error prone.

excel remove duplicate record

To do it in Excel, here is the answer:

To remove duplicate records in a Table,

a) Click on any cell in the Table. In the Ribbon, "Table Tools" Design tab appears. Click on "Remove Duplicates" under "Tools".

excel remove duplicate record

b) In the "Remove Duplicates" dialog box that appears, click on columns that contain duplicates. In this example case, we are interested in First Name and Last Name columns.

excel remove duplicate record

c) If there are duplicate records, they are removed and a prompt appears indicating how many duplicate records were found and removed and how many unique values remain.

excel remove duplicate record


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