Vba com add ins developer tab in Excel

Add Ins are built in programs that provide additional features to the users of Excel.

There are a number of Add Ins available for every application of MS Office.

Add Ins, by default, are not readily available, though some important Add-Ins are made available like Team foundation.

The COM Add-Ins facilitate the developer to add new features to the Excel for performing some custom tasks.

The COM is a piece of executable code that is packaged as an Add-In, which is to be installed in the Excel.

When installed, a registry is stored in the machine.

Each COM Add-In is independent, which means, an Add-In installed in Excel cannot be accessed in MS Word.

The COM Add-In is available in the Developer Tab of Excel, as shown below.

excel vba com add ins developer tab

When the button is clicked, the following window opens.

excel vba com add ins developer tab

Note that, there are two add-ins readily available in Excel, with the exception of the last one, "Visual Studio Tools" which was added by me.

This will vary from machine to machine.

To add new Add_Ins, click on the "Add" button, which opens a dialog box listing available Add-Ins in the default OS drive.

In case, there is a Custom Add-In created in any other drive/folder, the same can also be accessed through this dialog box.

excel vba com add ins developer tab


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