Vba form controls in Excel

Controls are elements that make up a user interface.

They give visual structure to the user interface. Controls are generally held inside the form,

though, Excel allows inserting controls in the worksheet, too.

In this chapter, we will see the first type of controls called, Form controls

Form controls are one that are built into Excel.

They have their definition within the excel and hence can be deployed to any other OS.

For example, A worksheet containing form controls, developed in Windows can be used with Mac OS.

Since, the controls are native to the Excel.

Form controls are simple and are most often used controls in Excel.

The controls we have used in this workbook are form controls.

The following figure illustrates this:

Go to Developer tab:

excel vba form controls

In the Controls section, click the Insert icon.

excel vba form controls

Here, it shows two sets of controls, Form controls and ActiveX controls.

Any form control can be used by just dragging and dropping in the desired position in the worksheet.

The various types of form controls are Button,Label,Textbox,ComboBox,Dropdown list and so on.


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