Vba list box control in Excel

The listbox control is used to display a list of values to the user.

The user can select the required value from the list box.

This control is similar to the combobox control except that, there is no dropdown option.

This control displays all the items and if the number of items exceed the size of the control,

then a scrollbar is added automatically.

Properties of listbox control

The listbox control has all the common properties of a combobox and other controls

Apart from these, some of the properties that are unique to a listbox is discussed below

1.Multiselect property

This property specifies, whether multiple values can be selected from the control.

This is either 0,1 or 2.

2.Liststyle property

This property specifies the list style of the control.

The values are:

0-Plain text

1-Text with Checkbox

Events associated with Listbox

The most commonly used event is Change event.

This event is triggered whenever a listbox item selection is changed.

The following code illustrates this:

  1. Private Sub ListBox1_Change()
  2. MsgBox "Selection changed"
  3. End Sub

excel vba list box control


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