Vba label control in Excel

The Label control is used to display a plain text to the user.

For example, the label control can be used to specify what to input in a textbox control or

what to select with a combobox or listbox control and so on.

Also, Label can be used to display an output text directly in the form instead of a message box.

The label control is not editable manually and is just fro displaying information to the user.

Properties of a label control

The main properties of label control are as discussed below


This property specifies the text to be displayed in the label control


This property specifies the background style of the label control

It may be set to transparent or any other colour.


This property is important with respect to this control and is used to set the size and other visual attributes of the control.


Though this property is common to all controls, this is important with respect to label control in the sense,

some informtion can be hidde from the user, if there is a need be, using this property.

Regarding events, The kabel control events are rare and generally not used at all.

Since, this control is just for displaying purpose, there is not much that can be done with the label events.

The following figure shows the label control that instruts the user to input text in the textbox control

excel vba label control


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