Vba msgbox click events in Excel

In the previous chapter, we saw the application of a messagebox and its way of use.

The messagebox is used to display some message to the user.

The message box comes with a default OK button to close the message.

But, there are situations, when an application has to execute based on the user's response to a messagebox's information.

For example, a message box showing, OK and Cancel button; the execution of the program depends on the button being clicked.

So, a message box also can be used with events, which are as described below.

Various button choices of messagebox

  1. vbAbortRetryIgnore
  2. vbCritical
  3. vbYesNo
  4. vbOkCancel
  5. vbOKOnly
  6. vbQuestion
  7. vbRetryCancel

and many more options are available.

The following code illustrates the vbYesNo button and its click event

  1. Sub msgboxyesnoevents()
  2. If MsgBox("Are you sure", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then
  3. MsgBox "its a YES"
  4. Else
  5. MsgBox "Its a NO"
  6. End If
  7. End Sub

The following code shows the OkCancel

  1. Sub msgboxokcancelevnts()
  2. If MsgBox("Are you sure", vbOKCancel) = vbOK Then
  3. MsgBox "its a OK"
  4. Else
  5. MsgBox "Its a CANCEL"
  6. End If
  7. End Sub

The screenshot of the code and the output are as shown below:

excel vba msgbox click events

excel vba msgbox click events

excel vba msgbox click events


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