Vba pivot tables introduction in Excel

Pivot tables are one of the most powerful features of excel. Their importance is inevitable in data analysis task.

Pivot table offers a way to extract significant data from a bunch of available data.

The pivot tables are capable of complex caluculations in a fraction of second, without which, the data analysis task is tedious.

With pivot table, the same data can be viewed in various dimension as per the need of the end user.

This chapter illustrates the use of pivot tables with a sample data as given below:

excel vba pivot tables introduction

excel vba pivot tables introduction

Now, the following steps illustrates the creation of the pivot table.

Choose the data , that is, from A8:G15 as above.

Now Goto Insert--->Pivot Table.

excel vba pivot tables introduction

Now a dialog box appears demanding user option for, whether to display pivot table in the same sheet or separate sheet.

This is as shown below:

excel vba pivot tables introduction

Here, the range containing data has to be selected and the option of new or existing sheet is also chosen.

In the above example, we have simply sh

Now click OK, and the pivot table is added.

The pivot table has various options of displaying data, like SUM,Total and the data can be grouped in any paricular fashion.

The Pivot table has various options which will be displayed, when the pivot table is selected.

A glimpse of that is shown below

excel vba pivot tables introduction

The four main members are Filters,Columns,Rows and Values.

These four determines the format of the pivot tables.


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