Workbook protection in Excel

Protection in excel means, disallowing the user to make changes to the workbook or in some cases, to open the workbook or worksheet.

This involves setting a password and the modifications,deletions can be done only if the password is known to the end user.

Many organizations official excel documents used by the employees are somehow protected either, a sheet,a cell or even the entire workbook.

The chapter explains how to protect a workbook.

To protect the workbook, Click Review menu and choose "Protect Workbook" as shown below.

excel workbook protection

The following window appears.

excel workbook protection

The 'Password' textbox is where the password is given.

Note that, the password is optional, which means that a workbook can be protected without a password but, anyone can unprotect it with a single click.

Once the password is given, it opts for confirmation and the workbook is protected.


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