A New Year's Resolution Template for Excel

The end of the year is coming and so comes the beginning of a new one. We have prepared for you a New Year resolutions template for Excel and Google Sheets that really looks good and is easy to track. We use it also for tracking other simple items like shopping lists.

For more complex tracking, use our open topic list or the professional one here.

This new year's resolution template lets you also enter the entry date and completion date. It is printer friendly because it uses pastel colors.

You can also use the Style function of Excel to change the new year's resolution template style to your likings.

This pages contains conditional formatting and tick boxs. Also some cool graphics charts that let you track visually where you are with your resolution.

Look at the screenshot of the New Year's resolution template for Excel and Google Sheets. Download is at the bottom of the page.

Here the main page of the new year's resolution template. You can see at the top the graph showing the completion of the items in nice colours.

The second bar shows the completion of each individual item of your new year's resolution list.

new years resolutions

You can change the style of the New Year's Resolution easily in the page layout with the Theme menu.

theme change in new year resolution


Using this New Year's resolution template is free and you can modify and distribute this new year's resolution template for Excel also freely. Just mention the ExcelMadeEasy.com when you do so.

You can download the New Year's Resolution form here.

For older Excel Versions take this New Year's Resolution  template.

We hope that this template will please you and do not forget to like us or tweet about us.


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