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We are offering Excel Tutorials and Templates. You can learn Excel from school level to university level, Basics to Advanced levels including VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), functions & formulas (time, conditional, mathematics, financial, ...), sorting data, analyzing data, making templates that are useful to you. It gives you for hundreds of templates that are free as well as useful spreadsheet like task lists, todo list weight tracking charts, purchase orders and invoices templates.

Here are some main topics if you look for information or templates quickly.
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Here under our Free Excel Course and Free VBA Tutorial. It is made for beginners and more advanced users.

Basic Excel Course

  1. Introduction
  2. The ribbons
  3. Life Example Budget
  4. Sheets
  5. Cells
  6. Columns
  7. Rows
  8. Select, Copy, Paste
  9. Basic Numbers
  10. Basic Words
  11. Complex operations
  12. Make nice tables
  13. Graphs or charts
  14. Saving
  15. Printing
  16. Excel Vocabulary

Advanced Excel

  1. Introduction
  2. Sorting data
  3. Filtering
  4. Automatic Formatting
  5. Pivot Table
  6. Solver
  7. Financial Formulas
  8. Date and Time
  9. Text handling

VBA Course

  1. VBA Introduction
  2. Create Excel Macro
  3. Message Box (MsgBox)
  4. User Input(Input Box)
  5. Buttons
  6. ScrollBar
  7. Variable
  8. Arrays
  9. Condition (IF THEN, ...)
  10. Loops (FOR TO NEXT, ...)
  11. Branching (GOTO)
  12. Sub, Function, Module
  13. Write/Read Cells, Objects
  14. React to Events
  15. Strings, Text Functions
  16. Charts, Graphs
  17. Sheets, Workbooks
  18. ActiveX Controls
  19. Examples
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On this site you will find a tutorial and a learning guide to Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, Excel 365 and Office and Excel for ANDROID. It is intended for both beginners and experienced users. It includes an introduction, explanation of all menus, functions available and the tricks of the professionals and also many examples and templates to download.

At the end you will be perfectly able to do yourselves stunning spreadsheets. If you want to go to the older version of ExcelMadeEasy (1997 to 2003) that was covering Excel before the Ribbon era, then follow this link. But this site, will have many examples and templates that can be used in any version of Excel.

For Tutorials, just go down or use the search on the top right. On our site the content is completely free and you can download also our examples and templates for free.

Introduction on the Excel Course

The introduction is for people who do not know Excel so well and would like to go step by step through each menu and receive detailed explanations.

Excel is a component of the Microsoft Office suite that also comprises Word, the famous word processor, PowerPoint to do great presentation and Outlook the mail system and agenda. It is used by millions of people worldwide.

Excel allows you to create high quality spreadsheets that can be printed, projected on the screen, or shared online.

The ribbons in Excel as in all the 2007, 2010 and 2013 office versions are explained here.


Learn by doing in this Example as foretaste. We will go through the basic steps to create a first spreadsheet. Learn how to use formulas. We will create a quick spreadsheet in minutes. It will include a graph and a color table too. This will help you feel better what Excel can do.  If you read the part 1 already, this is the second part.


The Basics

The vocabulary page teaches you some of the main words used in Excel.

Sheets: this is the place where everything happens. The sheets in detail.

Cells: all about Cells, how to enter text, modify it, enter formulas, etc...

Columns: what are columns, how to select them, move them, etc...

Rows: same as previous but rows.

Select, Copy and Paste: the essentials in order to get quickly around.

Basic Formulas and Functions on Numbers: Learn how to use formulas, how do you make sums, multiplication, divisions, subtractions, or add up a row or column and other basic functions with numbers

Basic Formulas and Functions on Words: how do you put words together, find words automatically, etc...

More Complex Formulas and Functions: you will see how more complex operations very useful for daily Excel usage

Make nice tables: how to put headers on rows and columns, color the cells, etc...

Graphs or charts: how to make a graphic or chart is explained here

Saving: essential to your sanity, is to know how to save properly your work.

Printing: and then how to print it correctly. Not ending with a table spreading over 5 sheets.



In this advanced section you will discover more advanced tools and functions of Excel. They will contain the following items:

Sorting data: How to sort a bunch of numbers or words and make them look tidy or extract what you are looking for.

Filtering: similar to sorting but here you get only what you want and what you do not want is not shown on the screen.

Automatic Highlighting or conditional formatting: to find one word or number in one big table can be very difficult. Here we show how highlight these. Also, how to change automatically the color of a cell depending on the value.

Pivot Table are so useful when it comes to aggregate data and sort it.

Solver: an convenient way to find the solution to complex problems (like shortest path, etc...)

Financial Formulas: we will look into the most used financial equation given by Excel.

Math, Scientific and Engineering Formulas: Excel is a great tool for scientist and Engineers. Here a glimpse of what it provides you.

Date, Time: how to get todays dates or change the date format, etc... is done here.

Text handling: these functions allow to work with text like adding letter, putting words together, finding words, etc...

All other Functions: here a list of all the Excel functions and formulas (Text Handling, LookUp Function, Database, Logical, Cells Information, ...)


Mini-Exercises, examples and templates

In this section we will do a few exercises or projects together.

Bank Loan: you want to know how much you will have to pay for this loan. Let's do it together.

Bank Interest: you want to know how rich you will be in 5 months or 50 years from now. Let's do it together.

Curves: Graph functions in Excel. Graph a Linear Function In Excel. Plot a Function among the ones given in the example. Draw some nice curves and functions. A picture is worth 1000 words. Same for curves and graphs. Here a great spreadsheet

Love Phrase generator: You are unsure about what to say to your loved one. Let's do a love phrase generator together.

Budget: Lets make a simple budget together.

Kitty Budget: Lets add some Kitty background or any other background (movies, sport, nature, etc...)

To do List: how useful is it to have this reminder.

Kitty To Do List: again lets put a nice HK background to it.

More Examples: Here you will find many examples of files, templates and also links to other sites with example.

Useful Links

In this page we will give you some important links because the web is full of great resources.

VBA or programming in Excel

What is Visual Basic?

In the basic Pages you will discover some important concepts and tools to start with Excel.

In the advanced Pages: we will go through the fundamentals of VBA. Always following the principle, learning VBA must be fun and useful.

Tips and Tricks, FAQ

The Tips, Tricks and other useful things to make your life easier.

The Tips and Tricks Pages :some important tricks to discover.

Simplify your life with shortcuts

Personalize the Ribbon: very useful to put some frequently used buttons in the top ribbon.  (to come)

Multiple spreadsheets: how to move from one spreadsheet to another.

Correct your mistakes: it is very important to correct your spelling errors as well as the grammatical errors. (to come)

Find Text: easily find a word, a phrase that you wrote in your spreadsheet but cannot remember where it was.

Replace text: replace a word with another word, a phrase by another phrase. This very easily.

Some explanations about the differences between Excel or Office 2013 and Office 365.


Diploma, Master ès Excel

Print your Diploma. Of course only once you have gone through all the website and understood most of it. We trust you will use it wisely.

1000 Examples, FAQ

1000 Examples: Here you will find other FAQ, examples of files, templates and also links to other sites with example.


What are you looking for? Type in if it is something specific like tables, charts, project management, budget, .....