The Excel Insert Ribbon

The Excel INSERT ribbon will be used to insert everything you can imagine to insert into a spreadsheet but mostly for charts, tables and images.

Here a quick overview.

Insert Ribbon

The Tables area is here for its important Pivot Table function that allows you extreme powerfull sorting of data.

The Illustrations area allows you to insert any picture or movie into a sheet. Usually used for presentation purpose or setting a nice background. See some examples for inserting a picture in cells.there are a few interesting tricks to learn in order to keep your pictures well linked to your cells.

The Apps area allows insert various Excel Apps for exemple the very good Bing Maps allows to insert statistics on places by just typing the name of the location like London and then type the data. It will superpose to the map the data you entered.

The Charts area allows to make out of the numbers you have entered beautiful chart and graphics. You can select among many premade charts or you can do your own.


Lets see the various graphs

XY-Scatter: used when you want to have one set of data on the horizontal axis and another set on the vertical axis.

The Sparklines are mini charts you can put at the end of a row of numbers. It looks great!

The Filters area allows to filter data visually. Slicers make it faster and easier to filter Tables, PivotTables, PivotCharts, and cube functions.

The Links area allows insert links to web pages or other files.

The Text area allows to insert text boxes that you can move around on the sheet. You can so highlight stuff.

The Symbols area allows to insert scientific (or not) symbols like greek letters or formulas.

sed formulas.